Some challenges of Legacy Modernization

Digital transformation and legacy modernization go hand in hand. Legacy modernization is the tool that ensures the age-old traditional business is ready to survive the digital era. Owing to the growing technology trends businesses need to adapt to technologies. This ensures that they provide the best customer support and service.

However, it is not so easy to implement successful modernization. There are numerous challenges that you might have to face. Let’s look at a few of them.

Technical integration

Technology and its interdependencies can be complex, and hence often become a challenge while implementing the same. The task of converting the legacy systems into SaaS applications without hampering the current system is a challenge faced by many.

Lack of knowledge

Legacy systems are age-old systems, with a minimum aging of 20-30 years. The ones who have been using these systems would soon retire. Hence, there would be this lack of hands-on experience among the new employees.

Maintenance is complex

For any system to function properly doing regular maintenance is important. Often there is a danger of data loss in such scenarios. Businesses need to ensure that their data is secure during migration.

Preference for old technology

Legacy itself is a term that is associated with generations or at least something that is being used for many years. It is difficult for users to migrate from one technology to another and adapt to new technologies.

User Experience

The older system has a simple and non-interactive interface. Hence developers and system owners need to work on restructuring and improving the interface.


Legacy transformation is often costly, depending on the size of the existing system. It also depends on the new features of the new system. The existing complex architecture of the system also contributes to the overall cost.

Quality Assurance and trust

Often businesses are not aware of the various technology trends and what would be the right fit for the company. Hence, they are in search of someone who can provide the best quality solution for there business. At the same time ensuring that it is in-line with the latest technology. Delivering a safe, secure and latest application to the client.

IVL and Legacy Transformation

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