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What is Microservice?

Microservices is an engineered approach towards building applications. It works by developing any application as a collection of various different smaller services. This basically works so one team’s changes won’t break the entire app. With the help of microservices the development teams can build new components or parts of apps to meet the ever changing business needs. Microservices work well for migration of systems from one platform to other and also for legacy transformation solutions.

Microservice Solutions

We at IVL provide Microservice solutions services to speedup up the process of development. Through this we can identify any errors or gaps at the initial stages and eliminate lock-in scenarios. We start with basic operations and gradually prepare for other business processes. We help in provisioning Infrastructure expectations and manage it with cloud services and automation. By organizing a development environment enabling developers to easily swap between multiple repositories, libraries, and languages and help teams in handling functionalities. We are committed to constantly keep building new and continuous delivery pipelines that work independently for building, testing and deploying the services.

  • We provide operational readiness (DevOps Culture) that enables companies have rapid provisioning, basic monitoring of loosely coupled services and rapid application deployment.
  • We are experts in cloud computing technologies and we ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD)
  • Our expertise lies in handling large scale distributed systems and data migration.
  • We ensure parallel delivers across all platforms to avoid impacts on ongoing migration.

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