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What is Legacy Modernization?

One of the major challenges faced by companies today is to upgrade the existing systems to suit the increased market demands and accommodate new initiatives. Legacy modernization software solutions are perfect in such scenarios. These solutions help companies to modernize the systems with their advanced knowledge of the latest technology.

Legacy modernization is a continuous process for upgrading traditional systems to reduce the complexity and cost, along with improving the data consistency and to enable cross-platform collaboration. With the help of legacy modernization, companies can reduce the processing time and address the various mobility challenges. Along with Implementing Business Intelligence in the core business environment.

Legacy Modernization Solutions

We at IVL have a legacy modernization approach that provides a wide range of services, helping to deliver a simpler, cost-effective and better working ecosystem.

We at InfoVision Labs have a skilled and dedicated Quality Assurance unit including ISTQB®-certified engineers. We are highly motivated and have a passion for continuously improving our processes and workflows.

We assess your existing application to understand the legacy systems that enable us to develop various business cases and identify the best fit for the business. Some of our key solutions for providing the best of legacy modernization services include:

Re-engineering is the most effective way to modernize the legacy system as it attempts to understand the system from various aspects like design, code and process perspectives that help in extracting the organizational system knowledge. Thus helping us in migration the existing system to a newly updated platform, that suits the various business requirements.

Implementing Packages by implementing third party packages like CRM, ERP, SCM etc, we help companies in reducing there cost of enhancement and overall maintenance cost. This initially is time-consuming but brings better dividends in future.

Integration of new system Our team extracts the data from legacy system and use it further to integrate it with the new distributed system. Owing to a service-oriented approach, we empower you with reusable and well-defined services.

We help organizations in cutting cost and at the same time ensures that it overcomes the various mobility challenges by implementation of legacy modernization

We understand that Legacy systems are prone to the maximum amount of cyber threats, owing to presence of old and outdated technologies. Hence, we work towards securing the legacy system in optimum manner.

In business the response efficiency and time is the game changer or deal maker. We help your new system to have reliable business intelligence across their core systems.

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