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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration can be defined as the process of transferring important and useful applications, and data, on servers within an organization to a cloud-based system or solution. Cloud Migration has found to be successful in terms of scalability, cost reduction, optimized performance, and regulatory compliance. However, it is a commonly accepted and understood fact that the traditional processes for migration is complicated and requires numerous manual activities. Hence the need for the help of an expert.

Cloud Migration Solutions

We at InfoVision labs, help companies in their cloud migration journey and workflow. Some cloud service providers that we work with are Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our innovative approach allows us to give a scalable, secure and repeatable path to organizations looking for migration services. There are various types of Cloud Migration tools like open source, Batch processing, and cloud-based cloud migration activities. Depending on the company’s requirement the type of cloud migration can be selected. We help companies to update data on real time and support all data source formats.

Cloud Migration gives your business the agility and speed to manage larger data and inventory records. Also, keeping the business in tune with the ever changing technology trends.

Cloud Migration services often are a bundled package with services like disaster recovery, monitoring, automatic logging and other similar services.

With cloud migration there comes a downtime, the same can be kept to a minimum for least delay.

Cloud Migration helps companies have better efficiency and also gives flexibility to teams.

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