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What is IOT, AI and Machine Learning ?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept connects the use of everyday physical objects being connected to each other via Internet. It is closely connected to RFID as the means of communication. The devices can transfer information and receive information or do it both ways. IoT is fast growing and being implemented across industry domains.

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence present in machines and computer systems. This is opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Some of the popular examples of AI are speech recognition, Machine Learning, Planning and Problem Solving. Machines act like humans only if they are abundantly educated and aware of what is happening around them. Hence, there is a lot of technical engineering competency required for successful implementation of AI.

Machine Learning is an integral part of AI and focused towards the technical development of knowledge of humans. It is basically responsible for continuous growth of computing by adapting to new scenarios, testing and adaption and employing the various trends for growth.

IOT, AI and Machine Learning Solutions

We at IVL, are a team of dedicated workforce focused towards helping companies achieve business goals. With a structured approach that helps us in giving the best of solutions which are driven by technology and strategy for the business.

Across all industries with the help of AI and Machine learning, companies can grow more by achieving and doing more. We help companies unlock their possibilities by our intelligent and automated solutions. Through our Machine learning solutions we help our clients have a deeper insight of data. Our solutions are a combination of intuitive machine learning tools that work with AI for better IoT based solutions.

  • Identify the scope for IoT implementation in a secured ecosystem
  • Design a roadmap for the desired outcome for business growth
  • Business transformation that is based on user implementation
  • High performance and reliable analytics based on domain specific parameters

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