Offshoring refers to getting services or products from another country or relocating production to another country. In software work, India has emerged as the dominant player in offshoring. Today 63% of the outsourcing consultants expect their client’s marketing to increase in 2019. The new technologies and IoT such as AI and automated chatbots are likely […]

Triggering Multiple Lambda from Single S3 Event

We had a use case that leads me to write this and I am sure many of you would have faced this situation. The Situation was on a put event of S3 we wanted to trigger two lambda function that copies data into different Redshift Cluster in different Region. Now as we know we can […]

How Exactly Does Amazon S3 Object Expiration Work?

I am always intrigued by Amazon’s S3 as it is a great way to store for short and long term and how they keep adding new features. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a cloud computing web service offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides object storage which helps to store and retrieve any amount of […]