Make your on-page SEO more effective, check how?

In the Bollywood movie PK, the lead actor wears a yellow helmet. Why? so that god can easily identify him among the crowd. When it comes to websites and the digital world, the actors are your digital presence like websites and social media. God is Google! Google evaluates user satisfaction by the time they spent […]

How Digital Transformation set to change the way your Business works

Digital Transformation is changing how a business operates across the globe. It is much more than adapting to growing technology and becoming mobile. It is about ensuring that your business succeeds cost-effectively. However, business owners must understand the need and extent to which one should invest time, energy and efforts in the transformation journey. You […]

Cloud Challenges & Opportunities for IT Pros

There are various cloud challenges, some of the top challenges are mentioned below: 1. Data Security and Privacy. 2. Bandwidth cost & performance. 3. Cyber Security. 4. Service Quality for higher data security like Banks is not using Cloud because of Data security & cyber-attacks. Opportunity for IT pros: People are migrating their infrastructure to […]

How to approach Transformation to cloud

Across the various industries, there is a lot of speculation about adopting cloud storage. It is evident that cloud computing is growing in terms of implementation and usability. One might wonder the sudden increase and need of the same and what are the factors influencing this, Hence we are happy to share some basic facts […]

Tips to ensure cloud computing works for you

Today everything surrounding us is connected in some form to the digital world. Hence, In the race to go digital, most businesses today are considering the Internet of Things & cloud projects. However, there are still some key questions about impact, security, and value that are obstacles to adoption. To begin with, let’s understand what […]