Concept of Predictive Analysis

Introduction Predictive analysis is the use of large data sets and the machine learning algorithms to identify the trends and likelihood of future. In the current blog, we would like to aim the existing market research and need of predictive analytics, also the role of data and machine learning techniques for prediction. Despite all the […]


Offshoring refers to getting services or products from another country or relocating production to another country. In software work, India has emerged as the dominant player in offshoring. Today 63% of the outsourcing consultants expect their client’s marketing to increase in 2019. The new technologies and IoT such as AI and automated chat bots are […]

Triggering Multiple Lambda from Single S3 Event

Kush Vyas Following Certified AWS Solutions Architect || Top 5 % for AWS Tag On StackOverflow We had a use case that lead me to write this and I am sure many of you would have faced this situation. The Situation was on a put event of S3 we wanted to trigger two lambda function […]

How Exactly Does Amazon S3 Object Expiration Work?

Kush Vyas Certified AWS Solutions Architect || Top 5 % for AWS Tag On StackOverflow I am always intrigued by Amazon’s S3 as it is a great way to store for short and long term and how they keep adding new features. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a cloud computing web service offered by AWS (Amazon […]