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Number of Requisitions -1

Job Description:

Candidate must be capable of understanding business requirements, working with Business/Technology leaders, SolutionArchitects and End Users to develop a proposed solution and work with the technical team to develop and deploy the solution.

Primary Skills: APIGEE

  1. Defining overall API architecture, API implementations, integration and deployment of API management platforms (Cloud/On Premise).

Implementing API Best Practices and Performance Tuning

  1. Hands on experience of API Development. APIGEE Lead with excellent Technical Skills to propose right solution, track the dependencies in a large program, interact with stake holders to close the dependencies, resolve complex technical issues, guide junior developers etc.
  2. Should have excellent knowledge of Apigee components - Edge, Developer portal and the configurations that can be done in those components
  3. Strong and have actual project implementation experience in Proxy code/script design & development - should know the intricacies of API proxy workflows, use of KVMs. Experience with any other API Management tool.

Must have Non-Technical Skills:

  1. Good Analytical skills and logical reasoning
  2. Ability to understand the business requirements and relate those to technical requirements
  3. Communicate fluently with US stakeholders, without making any grammatical mistakes

Experience: 8-10yrs


Number of requisitions -2

Position responsibilities

- Establish brand identity of IVL in the local region

- Recruit high end talent to deliver engineering solutions for the Telecom projects.

- Direct Project teams, Recruitment teams, IT & Admin teams for delivery and adherence to policies

- Manage P&L and Budget for the projects and center

- Be the point of contact for all projects being delivered from Hyderabad location

- Implement delivery processes, for consistent quality delivery

- Help grow the accounts with proper stakeholder management

- Define KRAs and measure for improvements

- Provide architectural, design and coding help, as may be required, to the delivery teams

-- Define and implement training programs

- Implement long term employee retention strategies

- Develop and implement succession planning


Technical Skills Required

- 6+ years of Experience with Telecom network protocol

- 6+ years of experience with Java, SpringBoot

- 3+ years of experience with Microservices

- 3+ years of experience with AWS

- 10+ years of experience with project and program management

- 3+ years of experience with PL-SQL

- 3+ years of experience with React.js/React Native

- 4+ years of experience with SOAP and Rest web services

- Excellent experience with Git as a source control: branching, merging, release automation, unit test automation


Must have non technical skills

- Presentation Development using PowerPoint

- data manipulation and graph generation. Using Excel for presenting information

- Ability to make decisions

- Zero reliance on email communication and 100% reliance on F2F or telephone communication

- Communicate fluently with US and UK stakeholders, without making any grammatical mistakes

- Ability to travel

- Must have worked in Telecom domain

- Ability to manage team size of 60+, spread across various domains and operations

- Ability to manage project managers and technical architects

Experience: 15-19yrs

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